Check out the typically deeply in-depth (say that three times fast) Ars Technica review of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard by clicking here. If you’re curious about what makes 10.6 Snow Leopard a revolution for OS X and the Mac platform in general, this article is a must read. “Snow Leopard is a unique and beautiful release, unlike any that have come before it in both scope and intention.”

The article emphasizes the core technical reasons that make 10.6 such a big deal. However, beyond the “hidden” core system overhaul, Snow Leopard does have usability refinements and new features that average users will appreciate (such as the new Services menu and preferences, which are awesome, along with the improved Dock).

Macworld has also posted a great, in-depth (but less technical) review that you can read by clicking here=


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