Today Apple unveiled iTunes 9, an enhanced update of its popular jukebox/iPod and iPhone management software, and music, video and application store. iTunes is the #1 music retailer in the world, available in 23 countries. Over 85. billion songs have been downloaded, and there are over 100 million iTunes accounts with a credit card on file. A brief overview of new features in iTunes 9:

  • iPod touch and iPhone app management is finally available in iTunes 9. Jobs said “The biggest thing we’re doing is allowing you to manage your apps in iTunes.” Under the applications tab, you can now arrange your iPhone/iPod touch home screen and move apps around directly via iTunes. So long coming, so great to see. This is a boon to people with pages of installed apps, as well as people with a touch of OCD who group their apps alphabetically (Kali…)
  • Home Sharing. Turn on this feature and you can now easily copy songs, TV shows, apps and other media purchased from the iTunes Store with up to 5 computers in your home or business (assuming they are on the same network). You’ll be able to see all the computers you can share with, and you’ll you’ll their contents. Transfering music or other media happens via a simple drag and drop.
  • iTunes LP. These are interactive, high quality enhanced digital liner notes. iTunes LP features full screen images, with lyrics, photos of the band, liner notes, and videos (kind of like DVD extras, but for albums.)
  • While iTunes 9 retains much of the classic iTunes look, the design of the iTunes Store has been improved. Steve Jobs says it is “Cleaner. New artist pages, new movie pages. It’s a much cleaner layout.”
  • iTunes 9 finally allows users to keep a wishlist of future purchases and gifts.
  • You can now share information about music from iTunes directly to Facebook or Twitter.
  • iTunes 9 now supports Genius Mixes. Steven Jobs said that people have submitted over 27 million libraries, which is over 54 billion songs. Steve Jobs said “They’ve enabled us to make Genius playlists. Well, we’re applying that same tech to something new called Genius Mixes.” This creates a sort of digital genius DJ that plays endless mixes of songs from your library that should go great together. You click on a Genius Mix, and it will go on and on and on. “It’s like a great radio station.”
  • Improved Syncing

iTunes 9 is free for Mac and PC. Click here to launch to download iTunes 9.


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