Dear Friends,

Happy Rosh Hashanah! It is year 5770 of the Jewish calendar as of sunset this evening. In particular, I wish a happy New Year to my mom who holds a sedar every year and I have many fond memories of family celebrations of the exodus of the Jews from slavery under the Pharaoh.

It is a Garage Sale issue and once again, I must ask for your patience as our pipeline gets full with people trying to buy the various clearance items in the sale. We only take Garage Sale orders via the internet so please, no phone call orders for this sale. We are happy to talk to you about anything else—we are set up to take regular orders—but we must make the Garage Sale an automated process or it gets out of control. We receive many orders, and it is truly a first come, first served situation for items that have limited quantities. Please do not be too disappointed if someone beats you to the “Buy” click.

I was up in Burlington at a meeting last evening and I must have a reputation for scorn for those who do not use Macs, because the first thing that happened was the one person using a Dell apologized to me for not having a Mac. I like that attitude and hope it spreads like wildfire! It seems to be getting easier and easier to get people to switch these days as the Mac becomes even more powerful and compelling with the release of Snow Leopard. If you have not upgraded yet to Snow Leopard, I highly recommend that you do. It is a solid upgrade and well worth the $29.99!

The leaves are beginning to change and I am still surprised at how fast the days shorten and the nights cool. I have been grazing at my Arctic Kiwi plant which has fruit this year. The grape-like fruits taste just like those brown fuzzy kiwis in bite-size non-fuzzy format. The autumn “leaf peeper” events are starting and I think we are in for an early fall foliage season this year.


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