Apple’s MobileMe has adapted very nicely to the addition of the iPhone and iPod touch. The MobileMe mail program is very flexible. You can access your email from the iPhone, iPod touch, on your home Mac, or even through the web by logging into from any computer that has an internet connection.

Because MobileMe Mail is an IMAP account, it keeps all of your devices synced so your inbox will look the same on which ever computer or hand held device you are using. MobileMe also automatically syncs any new contacts or iCal events that are added to the programs on all MobileMe linked machines.

The MobileMe Gallery is a great way to share photographs by loading them onto the web and then sharing the gallery’s web address with your friends and family you have an up to date web-based photograph album. You can even upload photos to your MobileMe Gallery directly from your iPhone.

MobileMe comes with a feature called iDisk, that allows you to back up up to 20GB of important files to a virtual hard drive on the internet. It allows you to access those files from any browser and from the iPhone when you download the iDisk application.

I have saved the best feature for last though: there is now an additional feature on MobileMe called Find My Phone. It works just as it sounds; if you have the Find My Phone feature enabled on your iPhone you can then log in to your MobileMe account from any computer and the program will actually show you on a map where your iPhone is at that particular moment in time.

You can remotely set your iPhone to display a message on the screen with a way to contact you in the event that someone finds your iPhone. They will know how to return it even if the phone is locked. If your iPhone is lost a little closer to home (say the cushions of your couch), you can use the MobileMe Find My Phone feature to help locate it by logging on and having your iPhone make a series of beeps until you are able to find the device. That feature even works when you have the phone set to silent.

MobileMe is currently selling for $99.99 for the individual one year subscription and $149.99 for the Family Pack, which includes an additional four family member accounts, each with its own email address and 5GB of online storage space.

October special: Get an instant $30 rebate on MobileMe! Final cost: $69.99.

Stop by the Waitsfield or South Burlington showroom to see all the features that MobileMe has to offer!


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