It’s true that AT&T does not offer any type of insurance if you break your iPhone or if you lose it. However, if you lose your iPhone, you’re not completely out of luck.

If you have a MobileMe subscription ($99.99 per year) there is an feature called “Find My Phone,” which will help you get your iPhone back. It will let you send a message to your iPhone’s home screen from your computer. You could put something along the lines of “I know you have my iPhone, don’t steal it!” Or you could get creative and say, “The Cops are after you….!” If your ringer is off, or if your screen is locked with a passcode, it won’t matter. This message will still appear and alerts will sound off!

It gets better…

You can remotely wipe off all of the data on your iPhone (remember, all of that data will still be on your Mac!) so no one can access it and get your email, notes or games.

And…wait for it….

This insanely genius program will also show you on a map where your iPhone is currently located! You be able to go all CSI on the person who has your iPhone! To me, having the CIA agent-like MobileMe is better insurance than any phone company can sell. Consider that most of us spend about $8-$10 a month on insurance for their cell phone. That puts insurance in the $100 range, the same cost as MobileMe.

On top of all of those wonderful features, you also get the normal perks of MobileMe: online disk storage, beautiful iPhoto online galleries, the ability to publish iWeb sites you’ve created… You can “Push” email, contacts or calendars. “Push” means that if you add a new contact or calendar event or get a new email on your Mac, it will automatically sync everything up with your iPhone or vice versa. You don’t have to plug your iPhone into your Mac to sync up—let it travel over the air waves, maaan!

Check out MobileMe here. Have more than one iPhone or Mac in the household? Apple offers the Family Pack of Mobile Me which allows you to create up to five accounts!


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