It’s been a while since our last App of the Week, so we figured it was time for another one.

Going forward, due to the large number of apps out there (and the fact that there are so many great ones), we’re going to be highlighting one app (most) every week. Hey, we may even alternate with our Site of the Week feature!

This week’s App of the Week is myPANTONE, from—who else, but the color masters themselves—Pantone. Pantone colors, for those of you who aren’t familiar, are the gold standard for color matching. The company developed the Pantone Color Matching (PMS) System to standardize colors for print.

myPANTONE gives users the ability to create color palettes on the iPhone/iPod touch. Anyone who has ever been inspired by the sights of a vacation destination or even every day life on-the-go will appreciate this app.

With the myPANTONE app, you can:

  • Create color palettes of up to 5 colors
  • Create up to 10 palettes at a time
  • Extract colors from photos (awesome for the iPhone)
  • Email colors and palettes*
  • Post new palettes on Twitter and Facebook
  • GPS tagging of palettes
  • Auto-generate harmonious palettes
  • View palettes on various backgrounds

And more… Plus, Pantone offers a myPANTONE section of their website where registered users can use the forum to share their creative inspirations, talk shop and sync data from their iPhone/iPod touch.

It’s important to note that the colors as viewed on your mobile device are not necessarily color-accurate for printing, so it’s no replacement for an actual Pantone color guide. However, it’s been a convenient and fun way for me to brainstorm and just play around with colors and color palettes. (Good thing I have the job I do, because I get as excited about color as I do about fonts…)

Bottom line: myPANTONE is a must-have for designers or color lovers!


» Buy it on iTunes.
» View the Pantone website.
» Register for a myPANTONE account.

*I just used this yesterday when I emailed Don the Pantone colors for our new Hammerhead sleeves. Coming soon…


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