There are several easy-to-use solutions for emailing very large files (files that are larger than 20MB.) Dropbox and YouSendIt are among the most popular solutions. However Apple’s MobileMe service has an excellent, easy-to-use service for uploading and emailing large files. If you already use MobileMe (or are considering using it) I recommend giving this a try. I’ve been using it to send in large production files (including uncompressed video files) for my work here at Small Dog Electronics. I also use it to send large files to friends and family.

It’s easy to use. First, upload the file you want to share to your iDisk. You can do this from the iDisk desktop client or via a web browser, directly from You can place the file in any folder or even create a new folder. Note that you’re limited to a 1GB upload if you choose to upload a file to iDisk via your web browser. This limit is not in place if you use iDisk’s desktop client (which is available for Mac and PC) to upload a file.

To email a link to the file, go to and login to your MobileMe account. Click on the iDisk icon and browse to the file you’d like to share. You will see a button that says “Share File…” If you click this file, a dialog box opens to enter the recipient’s email address along with a box where you can write a message. There are also options for setting an expiration date on the link.

Finally, there’s an option for setting a password on the shared file. Note that if you place the file in your Public folder, the file will be available for anyone to download directly from your Public iDisk URL ( If the file is private, make sure NOT to place it in your Public Folder—place it in Documents, Photos, etc. Only the Public folder has a public URL; the other folders are hidden. So, if I uploaded a tax form that I wanted to share with my partner, I’d put it my Documents iDisk folder, navigate to, and send them a password-protected link to the tax file.

It might sound a little complicated, but in practice it’s very easy to use. If you already have MobileMe, give it a try. You can also activate a 60-day MobileMe demo to try it out. If you want to purchase MobileMe, we’re offering it for $69.99, plus an additional $30 off if purchased with a new Mac.


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