Apple unveiled the successor to their Apple Mouse (née Mighty Mouse) today: the Magic Mouse.

In keeping with Apple’s Multi-Touch technology on their notebook trackpads and iPhone/iPod touch screens, the new mouse does more than your average mouse.

In addition to the standard right/left click, you can use one finger to scroll across the surface, thus eliminating the scroll button found on the Apple Mouse. You’ll also be able to use two- and three-finger swipes, though no pinching to zoom.

The Magic Mouse now incorporates wireless (via Bluetooth) as well—there are no longer two versions to keep both the wired and wireless camps happy. (However, the wired version of the Apple Mouse will still exist for those who prefer to keep things physically connected.)

I’m bummed about being forced to go wireless to stay with the newest generation of Apple technology, but I think I’ll soon find it’s worth the batteries. We’ll keep you posted with feedback when we receive them!

Apple’s new line of iMacs will feature the Magic Mouse and it will soon be available on its own, with a $69 price tag. More to come…


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