Finding speakers that can offer a great sound – but will also fit on my desk is always a challenge—until now.

The VS2620 speakers by Altec Lansing get the job done—and then some. With no subwoofer, the VS2620 speakers still produce a high quality sound that lets me jam out and not think about wanting to jam ear plugs in my ears due to bad sound like to many other options out there! These speakers could handle everything from Otis Redding to ZZ-Top (and I like my music loud)!

The other real test was watching a TV show from the iTunes Store on my Mac. The sound quality was great! Sitting at my desk watching a movie (after work hours of course…), I felt like I had a surround sound setup—I couldn’t believe that much sound could come from speakers without a subwoofer.

With the auxiliary jack I can either plug these speakers into my Mac or plug them into the headphone jack of my iPod nano. BUT—there is also a secondary AUX jack on the speakers themselves, which means I can plug my iPod right into the speakers and not have to worry about unplugging my computer or iPod all the time—they both can be plugged in at once!

It’s also really convenient having all of the controls on the front of the speakers so I don’t have to move everything around to get to the back of the speaker to change the volume.

I also love the fact the speakers have a silver outline; it matches my MacBook Pro and Cinema Display perfectly!

Altec Lansing VS2620 speakers are awesome. They are also $10 off right now—normally $29.99—now $19.99! Click here to check them out for yourself!

One Tip: Leave your Mac volume turned up about 3/4 of the way and adjust the volume on the speaker directly for best sound quality!


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