iMacs: 21.5” starting at $1,199.99 and the 27” starting at $1,699.99 it’s well worth every penny—whichever model you choose.

In this new updated line we see a base processor of 3.06GHz—when previously the iMac line up started at a 2.66GHz. Whether you are looking at a 21.5” or 27” the new iMac will come standard with 4GB of RAM—but with 4 RAM slots!

The 21.5” iMac will come standard with a 500GB hard drive—leaving you plenty of room to grow and expand with your iMac. However, the 27” comes standard with a 1TB hard drive (ideal for any professional out there who battles hard drive space)! Both options can be custom made with up to 2TB hard drives.

The 21.5” and 27” beauties come standard with an SD card slot (like we saw with the new MacBook Pros a couple months ago), a FireWire 800 port, 4 USB ports, a Mini DisplayPort, headphone/optical digital audio port, audio line in, built-in microphone, and of course the iSight camera. Another very cool feature of the new iMacs is that if you have a laptop as well—you can use the iMac screen as a monitor for your laptop! This is a feature I have been waiting for… well, forever! What a versatile machine! Click here to read Ed’s blog about the new iMacs.

iMac Accessories: We were also introduced to the new Magic Mouse, which is a full touch mouse—featuring many of the same strokes that we see with the iPhone. All of the iMacs also come standard with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. This aluminum keyboard will operate within 30ft of your Mac. It will also automatically power down when it’s not in use and start back up again with the tap of a key. This keyboard includes a power button to turn the keyboard completely off so you don’t waste battery life. The 2009 edition of this keyboard only requires two batteries—where the 2007 model required three.

Mac mini: Keeping the classic Mini look, we saw the Mini’s innards upgraded. A faster Inter Core 2 Duo processor on all models, more storage and double the RAM. The mini still starts at $599.99 (2.26GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, 5 USB 2.0 ports, FireWire 800) but the newer $799.99 option is real power house. 2.53GHz, 4GB RAM, 320GB hard drive as well as the same ports as the entry level. I think more than ever, we will see more minis hooked up to large screen TVs to make the ultimate media center.

ALSO: Apple announced the Mac mini Snow Leopard Server! A server that can finally be made… simple. By taking the SuperDrive out of the server, the mini can now house dual 500GB hard drives, which makes it easy to store all of the info you need (perfect for the office)!

13” Unibody MacBook: Finally the MacBook got tough and thin at the same time! Apple finally gave us the unibody polycarbonate enclosure AND this new MacBook is only 1.08” thin. It weighs in at only 4.7 pounds (do I sense an Apple vs. Apple rival with the MacBook Air?). Surprisingly, the new MacBook has a 250GB hard drive which is actually larger than the entry level MacBook Pro and they also have the same amount of RAM and processor speed!

The new MacBook got a facelift and now has the LED-backlit glossy widescreen display. The only tough pill to swallow with the new MacBook is that there is no FireWire port; however, we are seeing the ongoing trend of USB coming back in style! I just purchased one of these guys and I’m in love!

Also announced was a refresh of the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule (1TB and 2TB); read up on the speed and range upgrades here. Plus, we were introduced to a new aluminum-finished Apple Remote.


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