Happy Tuesday,

I walked outside on Saturday all bundled up, assuming it was in the low-to-mid thirties, and was pleasantly surprised when a gentle sixty-something degree breeze greeted me. Back inside for shorts and a t-shirt! This year I was able to swim in the river earlier—and later—in the year than ever before.

The new Macs are on display in our retail locations and most everything is shipping in one to three days. While the latest and greatest is just that, there is plenty of last-generation gear in stock at killer prices. Of particular note is a 20-inch iMac at only $999. This iMac has plenty of power for the vast majority of users, and is a very affordable way to get into a Mac if you or someone you know is on the fence about switching to the better team.

We also have 500GB Time Capsules lovingly refurbished by Small Dog technicians. At $149.99, they’re less than an AirPort Extreme, offer all the same features, and include a Time Machine-ready internal hard drive. If you’re adventurous, you could even turn these into 2TB models!

As always, thanks for reading and keep in touch.



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