It’s always tough to come up with a holiday gift that you know someone will really like. With so many people rocking an iPhone, iPod, or computer I always want to give people something “techie.” This year I was puzzled—until I bought a set of the Chill Pills for myself (in red!). I demo these speakers all of the time in South Burlington—and have really liked them a lot—but now I love them! When I watch a movie on my new unibody MacBook, I get OK sound, but the Chill Pill makes it sound great.

They are smaller than a 12oz. can, and you pull them apart—creating two speakers. They have a retractable cord to plug into each other, and then another retractable cord with a standard headphone jack on the end (so they can plug into any device that you could put headphones in). These little speakers have a built-in lithium battery so I can charge them up on my computer via the USB dongle (which is included) and jam out for 6+ hours before I have to recharge them (now you can charge and play the Chill Pill at the same time!).

They are perfect for listening to music at your desk, in the car for the kids on a trip, picnics (not recommended in the chilly weather!) anything on the go to give some more sound to your iPhone, iPod, Mac, PC, or Netbook! Available in Black, Red, Silver, and NOW Blue! Be sure to check out the specials with the Chill Pill to get a free RapCap or AC Adapter!


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