Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day—an internationally recognized day designed to raise awareness of the people who are affected by the AIDS virus every day.

I’m sure you’ve seen PRODUCT RED special edition products that, when bought, the manufacturers donate a percentage of the profits to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. (Apple’s red iPod nano and shuffle are good examples—if they would let us carry them, we would!)

We must all come together in supporting the Global Fund and the fight against AIDS. …I applaud (RED) and its partners for their vision and commitment.
-Nelson Mandela

(RED)NIGHTS, the Concert Series that Saves Lives.

(RED)NIGHTS is 27 nights of music performed by musicians you love that is fueled by your posts to Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. Check out (RED)NIGHTS here and get started… all of this raises money to keep people living with HIV in Africa alive.

(RED)NIGHTS Goes Mobile.

There’s also an iPhone app for (RED)NIGHTS that includes a visualizer and an equalizer to “show the audio spectrum in real time.”

Download the (RED)NIGHTS app here.


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