Dear Friends,

It is over 50 degrees again today and it seems more like September than December. Of course we all know the snow is coming soon, and the skiers are well beyond hoping for snow. I am determined to ride my motorcycle once in December before I put it away. I’ve been working on the Norton in my spare time and I got an interesting phone call on Sunday when I was elbows deep in the pile of parts. It was my friend, Judy Bevans, who is the Chair of the Vermont Democratic Party.

She asked me if I would be her guest at the White House for the President’s holiday reception today! Of course, I said yes, hardly believing that it was not a prank.

So, I went to try on my only suit. You see, not many people wear suits in Vermont except to weddings, court and funerals and the last time I had one on was at Hapy’s wedding 15 years ago. That suit, of course, did not fit and I don’t think too big double breasted zoot suits are the right style. Grace took me shopping and I should be presentable when I head down today.

I’ve been working up in the Burlington store a bit over the holidays and it seems that once again this year it is MacBooks and iPod Touch leading the way for the holidays. Our Chill Pills have also been selling quite well. We have brought in a really neat 3M portable projector that we are selling with an iPod/iPhone cable that allows you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a media center to project movies or presentations. I like the idea of projecting it overhead to watch a movie in bed.


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