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Considering the frequency of broken screen and cracked glass incidents on unibody machines in Burlington, VT—a college town—we will offer screen and glass replacements for all Intel-based Apple laptops both in our retail stores and through the web after the new year. While it’s never a good thing to have a physically damaged screen or cracked glass on your MacBook, we were able to source OEM-quality tempered glass panels, special adhesives, and replacement display panels. When you choose to have this repair done through Small Dog, you’ll pay less than half of Apple’s costs on identical repairs. I’ll lay out the details in next week’s Tech Tails.

We are able to do this because Apple elected to not provide its service providers the individual parts of the screen module. If a panel were to fail, we’d replace the whole assembly. That includes the camera, glass, display, cabling, housing, clutch cover, hinges, and a few other components. It’s not efficient or environmentally-friendly to make such a signifiant part disposable, and is a curious decision by an Apple touting its greening efforts. Replacing individual components instead of the whole module is a much less costly proposition and reduces ewaste.

As the holiday season winds down and a new year approaches, I can’t quite believe how quickly the 2009 went by. I wish you and yours all the best for the end of 2009 and beyond. Don’t forget our Charitable Giving Program, through which Small Dog will match up to $200 of your donation to one of our pet charities.

As always, thanks for reading, and keep in touch.



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