Last week I talked about moving music from a Windows PC to a Mac. The next most popular item to transfer is photos! As with iTunes, transferring photos to your new Mac is a simple process and all you need is an external hard drive to do it!

The majority of Windows users keep their photos within the ‘My Pictures’ folder that lives inside of ‘My Documents’. Depending on what version of Windows you’re running and how you’ve personally set up your PC, your pictures might be in a different place or could even live in multiple folders. The first task is to figure out where you keep your pictures on the PC. Once you’ve determined that, simply copy your picture folder(s) to the external hard drive (right click > ‘move to’ > select your external hard drive).

Once all of your pictures are on the external hard drive, safely remove the external drive from your Windows PC and plug into your Mac. Here comes the fun part! Look for the iPhoto application in your dock (it lives there by default, unless you moved it). Now, drag the picture folder(s) to the iPhoto icon in your dock. iPhoto will automatically launch and you’ll actually be able to see each picture as it’s importing. Note: if you have embarrassing pictures in your library you might want to make sure there’s no one else in the room with you.

iPhoto automatically categorizes your pictures by “Event”, which is determined by the date the pictures were taken. Events can then be combined or split up to your liking. If you took the picture with a cell phone or a device that supports GPS, iPhoto can even show you on a map where you took the picture! To learn about all of the awesome features of iPhoto, and for helpful video tutorials, check out The iPhoto Support Page.


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