Happy Tuesday,

I took Owen for a short walk after lunch today, and the strong wind gusts are carrying powder through zero degree air. I wore a few layers and a hat, but the poor dog didn’t make it too far before springing back to the office. At least there’s some typical winter weather after an early thaw that left the ground bare in much of the valley, and the forecast calls for a good helping of snow this week.

We have limited stock on the excellent, very small, bus-powered EzQuest Monsoon Slim 160GB FireWire Drives. These drives are not the highest capacity out there, but at a mere $59.99 they make a fine backup solution for many of us at a more-than-fair price. They’re also a very low-cost drive to use for emergencies. You can partition it to for various operating systems and troubleshooting tools like Drive Genius, Data Rescue 3, and the newly Snow Leopard-compatible TechTool Pro 5.

From all of us at Small Dog Electronics, Happy New Year!

As always, thanks for reading.



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