A surprising number of readers wrote in about last week’s Tech Tails not displaying properly. Most of those who wrote had a common problem with code displaying instead of the usual format, and the cause is my use of the “squiggle” character found on the command key of your Mac and your Mail client being unable to render it, throwing off display of the whole issue.

Tech Tails should have rendered properly if you use the Mail program found in your Applications folder to read your mail, or if you use Gmail or Hotmail. However, if you use your ISP’s webmail, some versions of Microsoft Outlook Web Access, or any number of other webmail systems, it is completely possible the interface you’re using is the cause of display failure.

I want to share two features that you may have missed in the newsletters Small Dog sends. First is the links at the very top of the newsletter. It says “view in plain text or web browser.” Plain text is just that—no HTML or images. This is especially useful if you are copying and pasting text into a word processor. If you prefer the version with images, formatted text, the background, and the like—and your mail program can’t render the newsletter correctly, you can click on the “web browser” link at the very top of the newsletter. Finally, each and every issue of all Small Dog newsletters can be accessed on our website. Just visit www.smalldog.com and click on the Subscribe tab on the top of the page.

Our flagship newsletter, Kibbles and Bytes has been in continuous production since October 14, 1996!


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