Happy New Year, All!

Well, we’re about a week into 2010 and I am in the midst of some serious new year organization. There’s a lot to do here now that the holidays have wound down, and we have an eye to the future—2010 is certainly going to keep us busy.

First up: CES. Don is out in Las Vegas right now with some of our crew for the Consumer Electronics Show representing for Chill Pill Audio. This is the first time we’ve been to CES, which is the largest consumer technology tradeshow (or as it’s been described, geek heaven on Earth).

Check out some photos of our booth and the event so far here.

The end of January will bring some exciting events as well. Chill Pill Audio will again be showcasing at a trade show, this time at the New York International Gift Fair from January 30 – February 4.

Plus, the rumor mills have started churning with the announcement of an Apple product event scheduled to take place on Wednesday, January 27. Will there be a tablet? iPhone updates? Who knows—as we all know, Apple will keep as much under wraps as they can until the 27th.

Details are sketchy, but read more about Apple’s upcoming event here.

In this issue, we’ve got some tips for your Mac’s Dictionary, things to look for when you’re comparing Macs, a review of the Quiver, an iPod shoulder strap for people on the go, another contest for our newsletter readers, Twitter followers and Facebook fans and more!

This issue of Kibbles and Bytes is dedicated to our friend and talented artist Stephen Huneck.


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