Join us Saturday, November 21st for Customer Appreciation Day at either of our “retail locations!”:
The Customer Appreciation Pre-Holiday Sales Event will continue through Sunday at our S. Burlington location.
You will find the following specials *available this weekend only and in-store only…* don’t miss $20 savings on our most popular iPods, BOGO Chill Pills, 10% off Apple software and more.
**10% off Apple Software!**
Check out the discounted titles “here”:|Software!
**$20 off 8GB iPod touch!**
“Current generation!”: Get it for just $179.99!
**$20 off 8GB iPod nano!**
Current generation – available in “seven colors!”: Only $129.99 after savings!
**Chill Pill – Buy One Get One!**
The hottest gift of the year! Available in 4 colors. Check them out “here”:
**Save on AppleCare!**
Save up to $50 on “AppleCare”:!
**$30.00 Mail in Rebate on iWork and MobileMe!**
When you purchase a new Mac with “iWork ’09”: or “MobileMe”: – receive a $30 mail in rebate on the software.
***BONUS: When you buy a new Mac with Applecare – you’re eligible for one of the two awesome deals below:**

– *FREE* “HP J4680”: *Wireless Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax*

– *Get a* “Lacie 500GB Hard Drive”: for just *$19.99!*
(_both after mail-in-rebates_)

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The latest in iPod docking sound system from iHome is a big winner for the holiday season!! The new “iP1”: system is a sleek, sharp-looking unit that would give a modern touch to any living room or listening area in your house.
But best of all is the sound… the is by far one of the cleanest, clearest sounding products we’ve seen from iHome. Sporting a 4-channel biamplified digital amplifier feeding two 4 “glass-fiber woofers and two 1” silk dome tweeters, the iP1 will easily fill any room with full, rich sound.
This unit also charges your iPhone or iPod and includes a remote control giving you full menu navigation of your iPod, as well as volume and EQ controls. But perhaps the neatest feature is the integrated component video output (cables not included), allowing you to connect up to your HDTV and play movies and TV shows right from your iPod or iPhone, while still enjoying the full sound of the speaker system! Bring your iPod or iPhone into the store and try one today.
Priced at $261.99 (now on special for “$249.99”:, the iP1 is sure to be one of the year’s hottest gifts!!!

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One of our newest products in the Small Dog stores is the Simplism silicone cases for the iPod nano and iPod touch. Unlike normal silicone cases, the new Simplism line offers an anti-dust coating that reduces the buildup of dirty on the case. With this anti-dust coating you won’t have to worry about buying a new case for your iPod–and it keeps it looking like it’s new!
The slim design easily fits into your pocket and protects it from drops and abuse. There is a full range of colors–but we also have the basic clear cases and black cases. This is a great inexpensive case for your iPod nano or iPod touch. Check out the whole line of Simplism cases “here”: Only $9.99 for iPod nano cases and $14.99 for iPod touch cases–you can’t go wrong!

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It’s always tough to come up with a holiday gift that you know someone will really like. With so many people rocking an iPhone, iPod, or computer I always want to give people something “techie.” This year I was puzzled–until I bought a set of the “Chill Pills”: for myself (in red!). I demo these speakers all of the time in South Burlington–and have really liked them a lot–but now I love them! When I watch a movie on my new unibody MacBook, I get OK sound, but the Chill Pill makes it sound great.
They are smaller than a 12oz. can, and you pull them apart–creating two speakers. They have a retractable cord to plug into each other, and then another retractable cord with a standard headphone jack on the end (so they can plug into any device that you could put headphones in). These little speakers have a built-in lithium battery so I can charge them up on my computer via the USB dongle (_which is included_) and jam out for 6+ hours before I have to recharge them (now you can charge and play the Chill Pill at the same time!).
They are perfect for listening to music at your desk, in the car for the kids on a trip, picnics (not recommended in the chilly weather!) anything on the go to give some more sound to your iPhone, iPod, Mac, PC, or Netbook! Available in “Black”:, “Red”:, “Silver”:, and NOW “Blue”:! Be sure to check out the specials with the Chill Pill to get a free “RapCap”: or “AC Adapter”:!

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Dear Friends,

I’m happy to greet you for this bonus issue of Best in Showroom, our fastest growing e-newsletter. We will be holding our annual Customer Appreciation Pre-Holiday Sales Event this coming weekend, November 21-22 at our retail stores in South Burlington and Waitsfield (Saturday only). I told the readers of our main newsletter, Kibbles & Bytes, that we have some specials that will make them wish they lived in Vermont (check out the deals in the column on the right)!

I was on a panel at the recent VBSR Fall Conference that discussed “What makes a business friendly state?”, and I’ve been creating jobs in Vermont for over 35 years, so maybe I have some experience here! We heard a drumbeat from others that the state is not business-friendly but I would contend otherwise. I spoke about our accessible government—there is no other place in the USA where you can drive up to the state house, park right in front and walk in and talk to your neighbors who are part-time legislators (or perhaps even say hello to the governor in the hallway!). We also have the most loyal and hardworking workforce in the USA and frankly, some of the best customers in the world, too!

Did you know that Customer Satisfaction is the basis of a huge percentage of Small Dog Electronics incentive compensation? We know that our livelihood comes from you, our loyal customers, so we use your satisfaction to reward our employees. It works much better than commissions, which we do not have because we feel that all Small Dog employees share in each sale. We pledge to do our best to exceed your expectations and provide simply the very best in customer service. Our employees are empowered to make sure you are happy with your purchases and we hope that you leave our stores, tell your friends and neighbors about the great shopping experience and then come back again!

I will see you at the sale event this coming weekend, please stop in and check out the special values we have put together exclusively for our local customers.

Don (Hammerhead and Fantail!)

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