Don Mayer and Jezebel

Don Mayer - CEO of Small Dog Electronics

Don Mayer
CEO and Top Dog

802-496-7171 x611

I started Small Dog Electronics in 1995 with an eye towards creating a business with the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

We operate in the technology space with the goal of providing technology to increase understanding, to build and to simplify. We are proud members of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and take that responsibility quite seriously.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to live with my wife Grace for well over 50 years and have three great children, Zoey, Hapy and Autumn and some pretty awesome grand kids, Khadija, Gracie and Boka. But my biggest blessing has been the opportunity to share my life with dogs. Stash, Curly,Earnie, Spud, Imelda, Patra, Fantail Shrimp, Hammerhead, Pirate and my current companions, Jezebel, Max and Java. Dogs are truly love-mirrors!

Small Dog Electronics biggest strength has been its people and I appreciate every one of the employees that have crossed paths over the years. It is their ability to embrace change, to keep their eye on our social mission and to make customers for life that has sustained the business.

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